Parental Rights – August 2023 Education Meeting

Parental Rights – August 2023 Education Meeting

ALERT, July 17 2023: The Wyoming Legislative Committee for Education will be meeting Aug 8th & 9th at the WY State Capitol.

According to their Agenda they will be discussing Parental Rights at approximately 1:15PM on August 8th and expect public comments:

1:15 PM 6. 24LSO-0076, Parental rights in education-1
• Tania Hytrek, Operations Administrator, LSO
Public Comment
• Committee Directives

Click on “Details” from the main legislative calendar to find pdfs of “Meeting Materials” that should be posted at a later date- there you will find info that will be presented by various entities on the topics for that Education Committee meeting.

Sometimes with controversial issues, legislative committees change their agendas – be sure to check their schedule/agenda often for any agenda changes.

Wyomingites should plan to publicly comment on this topic.  This Parental Rights topic will most likely lead to a bill for 2024 session.  Below are instructions for public attendance at committee meetings, as well as interim topics that were assigned to the Education Committee for 2023 Interim:


General protocols for attending an in-person committee meeting
  • Do not attend a committee meeting in person if you are sick, have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, or under a quarantine or isolation period due to a presumptive or confirmed case of COVID-19 or close contact exposure to COVID-19. To the extent possible, maintain a minimum of six feet between others attending the meeting at all times.
  • During public comment, if you would like to address the committee, you will be recognized and called on by the chairman.
  • After the chairman has recognized you, please stand and address the chairman (i.e., “Mr./Madam Chairman”). Clearly state your name and the organization you represent when applicable.
  • All comments, questions, and responses must flow through the chairman by addressing the chairman each time you wish to speak.
  • View Management Council Policy 18-03 governing rules and standards of decorum and civility during legislative meetings.
Protocol for attending a virtual committee meeting
  • All virtual committee meetings can be viewed on the Wyoming Legislature’s YouTube channel. You may access the Legislature’s YouTube channel here or by going to and searching “Wyoming Legislature.”
  • You can register to participate in the Zoom meeting for each committee by clicking the “testify” button provided for each committee meeting on the Legislature’s Calendar page by 5:00 p.m. prior to the day the topic is scheduled to be discussed by the committee. Chairmen retain the discretion to accept online testimony after this deadline if it is in the best interest of the work of the committee. Those not wishing to offer testimony are encouraged to watch via the Legislature’s YouTube channel due to the limited number of people who may be in the Zoom meeting.
  • Due to the fast paced nature of the legislative sessions, the 5:00 p.m. deadline does not apply to standing committee meetings that occur during the session.
  • If you would like to address the committee in the Zoom meeting, use the “raise hand” function at the appropriate time when the chairman calls for public comment. Staff will then modify your attendee’s credential at which point you will need to have video turned on and microphone unmuted. Following testimony, staff will modify your attendee’s credentials again.
Education Committee Interim Topics for 2023 are stated as:

Priority #: 1 K-12 Mental Health.
The Committee will study K-12 mental health issues, including the impacts on student academic performance and well-being, and staff recruitment, retention, and well-being. State agencies, school districts and other interested parties will be requested to identify state, community, school district, and financial resources available and utilized by school districts, students, and staff to address mental health issues.

Priority #: 2 Early Childhood Programs and Literacy.
EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION: The Committee will study early childhood education and childcare providers to develop an understanding of how well students are prepared to enter kindergarten. The topic will include a review of state agencies involved in early childhood programs, the governance structure, child development centers, and the current childcare infrastructure. The Committee will review prior studies and request state agencies and interested parties that have been awarded grants for this purpose to assist the Committee in identifying policy options. EDUCATION PROGRAMS IN PRIMARY GRADES (K-3): The Committee will study the reading assessment and intervention program under W.S. 21-3-401 and review similar programs implemented in other states including Alaska and Mississippi that focus on a comprehensive kindergarten through grade three literacy program. The Committee will review prior work completed in the 2021 interim and enacted during the 2022 Budget Session.

Priority #: 3 School Choice.
The Committee will review aspects of school choice, including a review of HB 194, Wyoming freedom scholarship act and SF 143, Wyoming freedom scholarship act-2. The Committee will also request state agencies to provide an update and review any necessary technical changes from the amended charter school laws through 2023 Wyoming Session Laws, Chapter 166, K-12 school facility leasing and Chapter 179, Wyoming charter school authorizing board.

Priority #: 4 Community Colleges.
The Committee will review community college funding, governance of the community colleges, and the responsiveness of the colleges to community needs. This topic will also include a review of 2023 Senate File 46, Community college funding-inflation adjustment.

Priority #: 5 Recruiting and Retaining School District Personnel.
The Committee, in accordance with W.S. 21-13-309(o) and (u), will review information necessary to make its recommendation on an external cost adjustment to the education resource block grant model for school year 2024-2025 and any impacts it may have on staff recruitment and retention. The Committee will meet jointly with the Joint Appropriations Committee to receive required reports and information under W.S. 21-13-309(u). The Committee will continue its work in studying and reviewing policy options related to K-12 school district staff recruitment and retention.