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has served in  District  as a WY Representative for  County from 20 to the present.  He has received a  score for Representation, Competence and Integrity and therefore has been ranked as  Trust.

He is up for reelection in 202 .


Overall  earns a () for Representation.


It appears that  missed  votes across  days in 2023 General Session:

Public Conduct

appears to behave appropriately in public and to the public.

Sponsorship History

In 2023  was the primary sponsor of  bills, and co-sponsored  bills, and  joint resolutions.  Favored sponsorship topics appear to be .  For more details, see his legislator webpage.

Committee Assignments

scored a () for Constitutional Competence with an average of  % on the constitutional issues listed below.  Because our cut-off is at 85%,  came close to scoring a ( ).  Constitutional issue categories that have a “N/A” grade, refer to specific bills that  did not have the opportunity to vote on.

For more on the bills used to analyze these scores click here.  Special hat-tip goes out to Evidence Based Wyoming for use of their statistical tool to generate the following vote scores:

Constitutional Bill Vote Scores
Separation of Governmental Powers 0
1st Amendment/ Right to Healthcare Decisions (Covid Mandates) 0
2nd Amendment / Right to Self Defense 0
4th & 5th Amendments 0
Right to Life/ Pro-Life 0
Protection of Children/ Parental Rights (Transgender Issues) 0
Sectarianism Prohibited in Schools (Critical Race Theory Issue) 0
Civics Education 0


Because we have not found any conflicts of interest for , he receives a () for Integrity.


According to ‘s legislative webpage, his occupation is .  According to ’s 2023 State Elected Officials Financial Disclosure available at Wyofile, he reports:

Memberships/Civic Organizations

Campaign Contributions

The table below shows all campaign contributions reported by the WY Secretary of State for .

From 20 to 2022  received  contributions that total $.  Of the  donations,  were from PACs.  The total amount received from PACS was  .

Noteworthy contributions are:

Click the arrows at the top of columns to sort the data by name, date, $ amount, etc.  (Data is publicly available records obtained from the Wyoming Secretary of State’s Wyoming’s Campaign Finance Information System.)

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