Why Was This Website Created?

Why Was This Website Created?

Why Was This Website Created?
July 11, 2023

307 Votes was ultimately created to encourage determined Wyomingites who love our country and state to run for office.

For anyone paying attention, our country and state are at a dangerous precipice.  We all see and feel it.

Right now, however, Wyoming is in a hopeful state because we are close to gaining a majority of legislators who are living up to their Oath of Office.

But we need more.

  • Last election year (2022) 30 new candidates were elected to the WY House, with 11 being staunch conservatives, and a few more showing good potential (so long as they focus on a stronger constitutional education – such as Hornok and Trujillo).
  • The Senate saw 6 new candidates elected, with 2 being staunch conservatives.
  • According to our ranking system we now have 22 High Trust House Representatives and 9 High Trust Senators.
  • In our estimation we only need 10 more constitutional-loving House Representatives and 7 Senators to establish a conservative majority in both houses.
  • To establish a governor veto over-ride (2/3 votes) in each house we would need 41 staunch conservative House Representatives and 20 Senators – now wouldn’t that be a goal to shoot for! (Regarding Senators – bear in mind there are only 15 up for re-election in 2024.)

We also need to hang tight onto the High Trust legislators we already have, by supporting their campaigns in 2024.  The RINOs are on the progressive warpath and you can bet they will be putting up a fight – primarily with $$ (see RINO donors on our PACs and Lobbyists page).

Wyoming can again become what America once was – it is totally within our reach and we are almost there.  All we need is 17 solid Wyomingites who believe in our constitutions to seriously consider joining this uprising of common working men and women who refuse to sit quietly by anymore.

Wyoming can become the ‘shining city on the hill’ if enough of us make it a priority.  It is completely within our reach.

Citizens who can’t run need to spread the word and find strong, determined constitutional-loving citizens to recruit and support – we all have like-minded family and friends across the fruited plains of Wyoming!

To encourage people to seriously consider becoming a candidate, they first need to know who needs to be replaced.  That’s why we created our Trust Level system – it can be used as a guide to help make those determinations.  Every legislator in the Low Trust category needs to be replaced.  Many in the Limited Trust category should also be considered as well – look at their Constitutional Competence Final Average scores and you will see plenty well below the 80% mark.

We chose to launch this website now so that people will have plenty of time to consider, to pray about, running for a legislative seat in our blessed state.

We have two suggestions for those who consider running for office:

  1.  Contact one of our High Trust legislators for mentorship, or reach out to the Wyoming Freedom Caucus for suggestions and advice.
  2.  Check out the following Online Candidate Training Classes by American Majority to give you ideas of how to run an effective campaign:

Should You Run for Office? Free
Researching and Planning Your Campaign $9.99
Communicating Effectively $9.99
Campaign Finance $9.99
Get Out the Vote (GOTV) $9.99